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A fantastic way to immortalize your wonderful vacation memories with customized slideshow video!

Create a Travel slideshow with Pixiediary’s custom slideshow maker service

Savor your travel stories with a personalized vacation slideshow! Continue relaxing with a tailor-made slideshow video montage that contains the best moments from your vacation. Continue enjoying these memories with a specially curated photo slideshow! However you spend your time away from work or responsibilities, savor those times with a memorable vacation video slideshow montage with pictures from those special moments!

Pixiediary Custom Vacation slideshow portfolio

Sit back, relax, and take a look at our demo custom vacation slideshows collection. Our made-to-order vacation slideshows with music will have you drop everything and start planning your next vacation. Save your memories with your friends and family on vacation with a specially curated video slideshow from Pixiediary. Destress and bask in some of the best moments away from your responsibilities.

Elongate your vacation time by collecting all of your vacation stories in one place!


Create a Travel Vacation slideshow in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

1. Select & sequence your photos & videos

Create a travel vacation video slideshow step 1

Save all your holiday photos and video clips in a folder. Rename the files in the sequence that you would like them to appear in. If you have text to go along with a photo, write your text after the file number.

Example: 01yourtext, 02, 03, 04yourtext, 05

Step 1

Step 2

2. Choose Vacation slideshow package & add additional photos/videos if needed

How to make a slideshow with music steps 2

Our custom Vacation slideshow package includes 50 photos, 1 video clip, 3 revisions. 

Total up the total number of photos and videos that you will be using for your travel slideshow. Add additional photos and video clips to your shopping cart at an additional cost if you require more than what is included in our standard package.

Step 2

Step 3

3. Upload your files @ Upload Page

Create a travel vacation video slideshow step 3

3 options to upload your vacation photos and videos: 

  • Upload a Zip file
  • Share your Google Drive / Dropbox link
  • Drag and drop all your photos/videos/music files

Instructions on How to Upload your files.

Step 3

Step 4

4. Delivery

Our creative custom video slideshow makers will take 3-5 working days to make your custom-built Vacation slideshow. After that, you will decide if it is perfect or if it needs a revision.

Delivery FAQs, Revision FAQs

Step 4

Custom Vacation slideshow products

How to make a Vacation slideshow

Your favorite vacation spot is the palace you want to be in all the time. Now, with our custom vacation slideshows, you can have a taste of vacation from anywhere in the world. Nothing beats remembering how blue the waves at the beach were from your home. Or how fresh that morning’s snow was at the top of the mountain.

Our vacation slideshows contain your very own pictures and videos of the sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and fun-filled memories from your perfect getaway place.

Selecting photos

Vacations generate a myriad of beautiful and sentimental memories that will live with us for the rest of our lives. Capture those memories inside a custom vacation slideshow video with pictures of the most enjoyable moments on vacation.

Pick the pictures from your favorite vacation and travel spots. The ones that make you want to stop in your tracks and book a direct flight back. Create a display of vacation photos, including the ones from the beach boardwalk, your late-night adventures, or your first trip down the bunny hill.

Never stop living on vacation. Gather photos of you and the family at the beach or in your favorite European town. Wherever your signature vacation spot is, give it a new home inside a PixieDiary custom video slideshow.

Selecting Videos

Some of the greatest memories we make are made on vacation. Take away your stress with video clips that reminisce on those great memories.

Did you record a video of your child’s first time playing in the sand? Or a clip from your first night out at a beach bar with your significant other? Any travel video is great for our vacation video slideshows. The video snippets from your travels are a great way to tell stories from your wonderful and relaxing vacation experiences.

Videos should be trimmed to include only the really striking and interesting footage. We recommend capping a single video at no more than 10-15 seconds in order to achieve a smooth flowing slideshow of photos and videos.

Choosing the music

Music is an important part of your vacation slideshow. It enhances the vibe of the slideshow and helps tell the story of your vacation. Choose a song that partners well with your slideshow; it could be a song that was popular at your vacation spot or one that you listened to on the way there.

If you do not have any music in mind, leave it to our professional custom video slideshow makers to choose a fitting song for your vacation slideshow!

Add, but limit text

When it comes to adding text to video slideshows, less is always more. Add short text to your vacation slideshow and include captions to briefly describe the picture or video.

You can use short text in your vacation slideshow to tell what city or restaurant you were in at the time. Caption a picture or video with “Family night” to describe the family-filled nights during vacation. Just remember: keep the text short.

Keep the video short and simple

Keep your travel video slideshow short and simple. Maintain an engaging slideshow that is fun to watch again and again.

Most people will sit and watch only 2-5 minutes of video. We recommend not using more than 60 photos and 3 video clips for your vacation slideshow, which translates to about a maximum of 5 minutes of video playtime.

If you have multiple photos and videos that might exceed 5 minutes, PixieDiary suggests creating a series of short slideshows, like chapters in a book.

For example, a family trip to Italy could be made into 2 or more videos, part 1 on Rome and part 2 on Milan and Venice, etc

Make your Vacation slideshow now!

We truly hope the above ideas have motivated you to take on a video slideshow project that both you and others will love. Our talented custom video slideshow makers will create a remarkable travel video slideshow that leaves everyone savoring and relishing in the delightful holiday memories!

Take the stress and frustration out of technology, let us do it all for you! It is incredibly easy when you use our custom slideshow maker service.

Gather the pictures and videos that you wish to include in the slideshow, and let our creative custom video slideshow makers take care of the rest!

Create A Vacation Slideshow To Relive Your Memories
How do I pick vacation slideshow pictures?

Your vacation is what you make of it. From the glaciers in Montana to the beaches in the Bahamas and the Eiffel Tower to the Tokyo metropolis, you can squeeze any vacation pictures in a custom video slideshow. Choose the ones that you loved the most from the places you will never forget.

Why a vacation slideshow Video?

Your vacation memories hold a special place in your heart as the moments that feel the most genuine and fun-filled. They are wonderful experiences that emit happiness in you and those around you. It is important to cherish and reflect on those experiences even after they are gone. That is why PixieDiary wants to help you create a unique vacation slideshow with pictures and videos from your vacation and travel stories.

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