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Get groovy with an old-fashioned and retro experience.

Create a Retro Video Diary with Pixiediary’s Custom Video creation service

Make a retro video for a special moment or memory that you would like to add a vintage touch to. Revel in a vintage video filled with old fonts, warm graphics, and old-fashioned design. This time capsule of a video will exude retro energy and give you that cozy warm feeling from a past era. Turn back time and remember a special memory fondly with a retro video diary.

Retro Video Diary Demos

Take a peek at our retro video diary demos and find out what our old-fashioned videos look like. Our custom vintage videos are filled with memories and moments that have been kissed with a timeless feel.

The retro design of these videos endures contemporary shifts in look and feel and brings beautiful memories to life with timeworn designs and other old-school aspects. Use new or old pictures and footage to create a retro video diary that will stand the test of time.

Make a retro video diary and relive the good ole days.


Create a Video Diary in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

1. Select & sequence your photos & videos

how to Create a custom Video Diary with pictures step 1

Save all your photos and video clips in a folder. Rename the files in the sequence that you would like them to appear in. If you have text to go along with a photo, write your text after the file number.

Example: 01yourtext, 02, 03, 04yourtext, 05

Step 1

Step 2

2. Choose Retro Video Diary package & add additional photos/videos if needed

Our custom Retro video diary package includes 50 photos, 1 video clip, 3 revisions. 

Total up the total number of photos and footages that you will be using for your video. Add additional photos and video clips to your shopping cart at an additional cost if you require more than what is included in our standard package.

Step 2

Step 3

3. Upload your files @ Upload Page

2 options to upload your photos and videos: 

  • Upload a Zip file
  • Share your Google Drive Link

Instructions on How to Upload your files.

Step 3

Step 4

4. Delivery

How to make a slideshow with music steps 4

Our creative video creators will take 3-5 working days to make your custom-designed retro video diary. After that, you will decide if it is perfect or if it needs a revision.

Delivery FAQs, Revision FAQs

Step 4

Retro Video Diary products

How to make a Retro Video Diary

Decide on the theme of your vintage video. It can be a new memory or an event from years ago. We recommend creating a video with pictures and videos of your wedding, anniversary, or you and your loved ones. 

Our video creators will emanate vintage vibes and bring those memories to the front of your mind with an old-world charm. Include soft and gentle music in your retro video diary for an elegant and timeless feel.

Selecting photos

Choose photos for your custom video slideshow. For an anniversary or other significant moment like that, use pictures from your wedding day or honeymoon where you and your spouse were both jovial and carefree.

If your vintage video is focused on you and your family, use pictures from the family reunion or annual picnic. The vintage video will give nostalgic vibes to your pictures & create a delicate video experience.

Selecting Videos

Include videos in your vintage video to escalate its old-school look. Use videos from your wedding day or the proposal and include them in the video to offer a personal feel to this timeless sentiment. Choose videos where you and your loved one are sharing a special moment that you want to cherish forever. The video will give these special videos a touch of yesteryear and beyond with soft filters and nostalgic effects.

Videos should be trimmed to cover only the really striking and interesting footage. We recommend capping a single video at no more than 10-15 seconds in order to achieve a smooth flowing video of photos and videos.

Choosing the music

Your retro video diary should include soft and gentle music to accompany the pictures and videos used. Maintain an old-fashioned theme with piano notes or subtle strings.

If you do not have any music in mind, leave it to our seasoned video creators to choose a fitting song for your retro video diary!

Add, but limit text

Less is more regarding text for videos. Add short text to your video and include captions to quickly describe the picture. Consider captioning photos and videos with a favorite quote that sums up the moment or event.

Use “Wedding day,” to tell the audience more about the photo from the reception or caption grandma’s birthday with the date. Limit the text used so that the focus remains on the pictures and videos.

Keep the video short and simple

Keep your video short and concise. Maintain the attention of your audience with a brief and precise slideshow of retro-looking pictures and videos.

Most people will sit and watch only 2-5 minutes of video. We recommend not using more than 60 photos and 3 video clips for your video, which translates to about a maximum of 5 minutes of video playtime.

If you have multiple photos and videos that might exceed 5 minutes, PixieDiary suggests creating a series of shorter videos resulting in something similar to chapters in a book.

Make your Retro Video Diary now!

We sincerely hope the above ideas have inspired you to take on a video diary project that both you and others will treasure. Our experienced video creators will create an exceptional vintage video that puts everyone in a time machine and take you back to the good ole days!

Take the stress and frustration out of technology, let us do it all for you! It is completely fuss-free when you use our custom video creation service. Gather the pictures and videos that you wish to include in the video, and let our talented video creators take care of the rest!

Create A Retro Video Diary To Save Your Memories
Why should you make a Retro Video Diary?

Our vintage videos are great to remember memories from older years. From our earliest core memories to ones we have made over recent years, the vintage video slideshow will establish a feeling of timelessness.

Your memories will live on forever in a video that is nostalgic and heart-warming with soothing visual effects.

What makes a Video ‘Vintage?’

A vintage video has the warm charm of an era from years ago. It contains elegant fonts, warm colors, and older pictures to create an antique feel that is reminiscent of older years.

Our vintage video creators put an old-world spin on photos and videos, as well as pictures from a long time ago. Turn a beautiful moment into a vintage memory with our retrofying effects.

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