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Showcase your love journey

Engage your guests and let them share your joy with a rehearsal dinner video diary. 

Create a Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary with Pixiediary’s custom video creation service

Prepare for the most important relationship milestone with a specially curated rehearsal video diary. Our hand-crafted rehearsal dinner videos will have your guests captivated and engaged. These one-of-a-kind videos will showcase the true beauty and passion of your love story. Show your guests the greatest moments that have led you and your soulmate to where you are today. Show them your appreciation for being here by creating a bespoke rehearsal video that keeps them on their toes during the celebration!

Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary Demos

Our rehearsal video demos are filled with crowd-pleasing photos and videos from happy couples. Get ready for the big day. Your journey to marriage should be documented for you and everyone to behold. 

Showcase your unique path to this monumental act and get everyone involved. Your guests and wedding party will completely understand why you two are together.

Solidify your love journey and let everyone bask in your love during rehearsal.


Make a Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

1. Select & sequence your photos & videos

make a rehearsal dinner Video Diary step 1

Save all your rehearsal dinner photos and video clips in a folder. Rename the files in the sequence that you would like them to appear in. If you have text to go along with a photo, write your text after the file number.

Example: 01yourtext, 02, 03, 04yourtext, 05

Step 1

Step 2

2. Choose Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary package & add additional photos/videos if needed

Our custom Rehearsal Dinner video diary package includes 50 photos, 1 video clip, 3 revisions. 

Total up the total number of photos and videos that you will be using for your rehearsal video. Add additional photos and video clips to your shopping cart at an additional cost if you require more than what is included in our standard package.

Step 2

Step 3

3. Upload your files @ Upload Page

2 options to upload your rehearsal’s photos and videos: 

  • Upload a Zip file
  • Share your Google Drive Link

Instructions on How to Upload your files.

Step 3

Step 4

4. Delivery

Our creative custom video diary creators will take 3-5 working days to make your custom-built rehearsal dinner video diary. After that, you will decide if it is perfect or if it needs a revision.

Delivery FAQs, Revision FAQs

Step 4

Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary products

How to make a Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary

It is almost your wedding day – one of the most, if not the most, important days of your relationship. While everyone is preparing to take part in your special occasion, keep them engaged with a specially made rehearsal dinner video diary. 

All the stresses of getting the wedding preparations just right will leave everyone’s minds when they watch a carefully crafted video that reminds everyone why they are there.

Selecting photos

Emotionalize your rehearsal dinner video diary with photos that your audience will connect with and enjoy. Include photos from the beautiful proposal that got you two here.

Fill the room with beautiful pictures of your nights out, date nights, or the times when you just wanted to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together. Strike your audience with photos and memories that make them happy to be part of the rehearsal dinner.

Selecting Videos

Select video snippets from your beautiful relationship journey that emulates the love you two have for each other. Include a clip from the proposal or a fun video from picking out the perfect wedding dress.

Videos should be trimmed to cover only the really striking and interesting footage. We recommend capping a single video at no more than 10-15 seconds in order to achieve a smooth flowing video of photos and videos. Always remember, less is more.

Choosing the music

Pick a song to use for the rehearsal video. Do you have one that you cling to for comfort when you are away from each other? Is there one that you always play when you are cooking dinner together? Was there a special tune playing when they asked, “Will you marry me?” Add the perfect song to your rehearsal video diary, or let our seasoned custom video creators choose one that fits!

If you do not have any music in mind, leave it to us to choose a fitting song for your rehearsal dinner video diary!

Add, but limit text

When it comes to adding text to videos, less is always more. The text is there to help the video, not get in the way.

Add a short text to your rehearsal video and include captions to quickly describe the picture.

Caption photos from your first kiss, first date, or your secret hangout spot to let the audience know more about the photo or video.

Keep the video short and simple

When choosing photos and videos, to craft a custom rehearsal video, it is important to keep the whole video engaging.

Most people will sit and watch only 2-5 minutes of video. We recommend not using more than 60 photos and 3 video clips for your rehearsal video, which translates to about a maximum of 5 minutes of video playtime.

If you have multiple photos and videos that might exceed 5 minutes, PixieDiary suggests creating a series of shorter videos resulting in something similar to chapters in a book.

Make your Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary!

We sincerely hope the above ideas have inspired you to take on a video diary project that both you and others will appreciate. Our experienced custom video diary creators will create an exceptional rehearsal dinner video diary that leaves your guests entertained and engaged throughout the night.

Take the stress and frustration out of technology, let us do it all for you! It is incredibly simple when you use our custom video creation service. Gather the pictures and videos that you wish to include in the video, and let our talented custom video diary makers take care of the rest!

Create A Rehearsal Dinner Video Diary To Save Your Memories
Why should you make a Rehearsal Dinner Video?

The rehearsal dinner video diary is a great way to keep your guests engaged during rehearsal. It can be something to look forward to after the stressful planning to get things together for the wedding, or it can be a wonderful surprise for the audience during the rehearsal. 

Either way, it is a lovely gesture that reminds everyone exactly what this day means for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Can I make a rehearsal video as a surprise?

We think it is a wonderful idea to surprise the soon-to-be newlyweds with a personalized rehearsal dinner video diary! 

It will surely bring smiles to their faces with the number of memories and love inside of it. Gather the pictures and videos you wish to include in the video and we will create one that will have the rehearsal party on their toes!

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