Memorial Video Diary

Memorial Video Diary


Features: 50 photos, 1 video clip, 3 revisions

Memorial Video Diary

Memorial Video Diary – Pixiediary’s creative team will create a video diary from your photos and video clips. Our video creation service allows you to personalize your own video diary with your own text and music. 

Make a Video Diary in 4 easy steps:
1. Select & sequence your photos & video snippets.

Save all your photos and video clips in a folder. Rename the files in the sequence that you would like them to appear. If you have text to go along with a photo, write your text after the file number. EXAMPLE: 01yourtext, 02, 03, 04yourtext, 05

2. Choose the Video Diary package, add additional photos/videos if needed, and checkout cart.

Total up the total number of photos and videos you will use for your video. Add additional photos and video clips to your shopping cart at an additional cost if you require more than what is included in our standard package.

3. Upload your files @ FILE UPLOAD page.

Options to upload your photos and videos:

– Share your Google Drive / Dropbox link

– Upload a Zip file

4. Email delivery

Our creative video makers will take 3-5 working days to make your video. After that, you will decide if it is perfect or if it needs revision.

Why Make A Memorial Video Diary?

A memorial video ensures that their legacy lives on after they are gone. In addition, a funeral video is a way for those around to connect with them. A memorial video is a great way to remember someone’s life, the wonderful experiences they had, and the impact they left on the world around them.

How Do You Choose Photos For A Memorial Video Diary?

Choosing photos for a funeral video can be difficult. Finding the right pictures or videos is the most important step in creating a perfect memorial. Choose photos that show this person in a genuine light; ones that encapsulate who this person was, the impact they made on those around them, and the achievements they have accomplished in their lifetime. These photos will serve as a timeless memorial to tell great stories to those that see them. It is never easy to sift through these memories, but they will mean more than you know to those that see them.

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