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Faq Video Diary A-Z

You own all the intellectual property rights to your videos.

Pixiediary will never share or feature your videos for promotional purposes. We will delete all your materials and your completed video 30 days after completing the final delivery.

Creating a video is a fun, creative process! Think about the occasion you are hoping to commemorate and make decisions based on your wishes! This could include photos that feature special items, hobbies, pets, quotes, or video highlights of your loved ones. 

I think we all know the state of the human attention span these days! In a world where short videos dominate, you can expect people to watch for 2-5 minutes. 

We recommend not using more than 60 photos and 3 video clips, which is about 5 minutes of video playtime.

If you have enough photos to create a video that is 10 minutes or longer, we recommend making a series of short videos. You can think of these short videos like chapters in a book!

Three to five seconds per image is the minimum length for your audience to have time to look at each photo. This means you can see about 12-18 images per minute of the video.

We do not limit how many photos you can put in your video! However, we recommend that you consider the attention span of your audience. In general, the larger your audience is, the shorter your video should be. 

We recommend using 60 photos or fewer so that your video will play for around 5 minutes. 

Yes, we know it is hard to narrow them down! But we believe your story will have a greater impact if each photo gets the screentime it is due and your audience is enjoying every second!

You are welcome to use as many photos or videos as you want in your video! However, our default package has a total count limit. If you would like to add more photos or videos, you can add additional media to the shopping cart.

If you have a lot of photos, we recommend making a series of short videos that function like the chapters in a book. 

For example, if you have a lot of photos from a family trip to Italy, you can make 3 short videos: one for Rome, one for Milan, and one for Venice.

Absolutely! Just remember, this is visual storytelling—you want people to watch your story instead of reading it! So keep your text short and remember: less is more.

The overall quality and clarity of the video will depend on the quality and clarity of your photos and videos. We recommend using photos that are 300dpi or higher and videos that are 720p or higher.

If you have music in mind, please send us your soundtrack in MP3 or WAV format when you send your photos and videos. If you do not have anything in mind, our creative team will choose a fitting background music for your video. 

We will trim your video for you! Leave us a note in the Video Trim comment box on our Upload Page. Tell us the exact start time and end time of the part of the video you want. 

For example: video 1 – start time 2:05 end time 2:17. video 2 – start time 0:31 end time 0:39.

There is no limit! However, we highly recommend that you choose the part of the video that is really memorable—no more, no less. 

To create a video that flows nicely with a mix of photos and videos, we recommend keeping each video clip no longer than 10-15 seconds long.

Please let us know what you want to see in the additional comments section of our upload form. We will do our best to make it happen! Do remember, making your video is a creative process and no two videos will be exactly the same. 

Our video editors are creators and like any artist, they each interpret their craft in different ways. If the video editor who created the original design you love is unavailable, we may be unable to exactly replicate their design or effects. However, we are always doing our best to create the story you want to tell!

Your submitted contents must not include nudity, violence, or any other unlawful or immoral content. Pixiediary reserves the right to reject your order if your submitted materials includes any infringing or unlawful content.  

We do not provide photo editing services.

We do not provide video editing services.

We do not provide voice-over services.

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