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Showcase significant company and public event with a custom event video diary.

Create an Event Video Diary with Pixiediary’s Video Creation service

Whether for company events, holiday trips, school or charity fundraisers, or new year parties, display the highlights of these events with your a event video diary. You can keep the memories you made from that event forever. Did you reach a donation goal from a school fundraising event? Did your company spend a weekend at the ski lodge shredding the slopes? Capture these special moments in a video to keep and remember forever.

Event Video Diary Demos

Create a timeless piece containing the best and most memorable parts of an event from your work or school. By featuring the high points and noteworthy moments, you can tell a story with a video diary for any significant event.

We craft custom videos that mean something to you and to anyone else watching – you will be blown away by your very own made-to-order event video diary.

Make your Event video diary today and keep the memories from your experience forever.


Make a Event Video Diary in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

1. Select & sequence your photos & videos

Make a corporate event Video Diary step 1

Save all your events photos and video clips in a folder. Rename the files in the sequence that you would like them to appear in. If you have text to go along with a photo, write your text after the file number.

Example: 01yourtext, 02, 03, 04yourtext, 05

Step 1

Step 2

2. Choose Events Video Diary package & add additional photos/videos if needed

How to make a slideshow with music steps 2

Our Event video diary package includes 50 photos, 1 video clip, 3 revisions. 

Total up the total number of photos and videos that you will be using. Add additional photos and video clips to your shopping cart at an additional cost if you require more than what is included in our standard package.

Step 2

Step 3

3. Upload your files @ Upload Page

2 options to upload your event’s photos and videos: 

  • Upload a Zip file
  • Share your Google Drive Link

Instructions on How to Upload your files.

Step 3

Step 4

4. Delivery

How to make a slideshow with music steps 4

Our creative video diary makers will take 3-5 working days to make your video. After that, you will decide if it is perfect or if it needs a revision.

Delivery FAQs, Revision FAQs

Step 4

Event Video Diary products

How to make an Event Video Diary

Firstly, choose the event that you would like to focus around. Start featuring pictures and video snippets of any significant or interesting segments of an event that you will want to feature in.

Make an engaging and fun event video diary by using content that speaks to the audience and makes it clear what the event and outcome were. Showcase the subject of your event with detailed pictures and videos from the school reunion, company trip, or charity fundraiser.

Selecting photos

The photos from your event will serve to tell your audience a story from the event.

For a charity event, use pictures of all the food or clothes that were donated for the cause. If your event theme is a New Year countdown party, include a photo of everyone with their New Year glasses on after the ball dropped in New York City.

The photos from these events will live on in a momentous video diary.

Selecting Videos

The video snippets from your event will help the pictures tell the story. For that charity event, feature a clip of everyone celebrating when you reached your goal for the fundraiser. Use the footage from when the clock struck midnight on New Year and everyone popped champagne and had their New Years' kiss. Make an unforgettable custom event video diary with snippets from a special event that you want to cherish forever.

Video clips should be trimmed to cover only the really striking and interesting footage. We recommend using video snippets that are about 10-15 seconds in order to achieve a smooth flowing video of photos and footage.

Choosing the music

Create a video with music from the event that fits the theme perfectly. Pick a song that everyone danced to or one that is lively enough for the occasion. Use a powerful and emotional tune for a school reunion, or an energetic and fun song for a company trip.

If you do not have any music in mind, leave it to our creative video editors to choose a fitting song for your video!

Add, but limit text

Less is more regarding text for videos. Add short text to your and include captions to quickly describe the picture.

Include a caption of “Class reunion 2022,” for an event when everyone was in town. Use the text “$10,000,” for when your fundraising efforts surpassed the goal for the event. Just remember to keep the text short and simple.

Keep the video short and simple

Make your event video diary simple and concise. Use compelling pictures and snippets from the event to keep the audience engaged and excited.

Most people will sit and watch only 2-5 minutes of video. We recommend not using more than 60 photos and 3 video clips, which translates to about a maximum of 5 minutes of video playtime.

If you have multiple photos and videos that might exceed 5 minutes, PixieDiary suggests creating a series of shorter videos resulting in something similar to chapters in a book.

Make your Event Video Diary now!

We truly wish that the above ideas have inspired you to take on a video diary project that both you and others will love. Our experienced video diary makers will create an exceptional highlight that leaves all your event participants on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride!

Take the stress and frustration out of technology, let us do it all for you! It is very straightforward when you use our video creation service. Gather the pictures and videos, and let our talented video diary creators take care of the rest!

Create A Event Video Diary To Savor The Good Times
Why should you make an Event Video Diary?

Event video diary is a great way to boost morale in the office when they showcase the fun times everyone had at a corporate event! They make a great keepsake from a family reunion where everyone was together again. 

They are great to remind yourself of the hard work you put in to reach your fundraising goal, and they are perfect to remember a party where everyone enjoyed themselves. No matter the event, it is always worth remembering – do it with a event video diary!

What should the theme of my Event Video Diary be?

The beauty of your event highlight is that it can be for any event – business, charity, school, and more! You can make an event video diary for a company business trip, dinner and dance, or an annual get-together. 

Whatever it is, establish the theme and build your video around it. Use pictures and videos from the event and tell the story from that wonderful memorable experience.

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