Choosing the Perfect Baby Book:

Choosing the Perfect Baby Book

Options for Every Parent’s Preference 

Welcoming a baby into your home is one of life’s most remarkable and sweetest joys!

But there’s also so much to think about—nurseries, wardrobes, and gear to make your life easier. And also not to mention baby names, health, and those first weeks as a family.

At a time when you want to be most present with your little one. There are so many demands on your time, making it hard to savor each moment. And tuck away those memories for later.

Baby books emerged at the turn of the 20th century as a way for parents to record memories and photos of their children. By the 1910s, baby books were sold commercially, and their popularity increased over time.

Today, there are many different methods for preserving your baby’s earliest moments and cutest developments! Whether you enjoy preserving memories the old-fashioned way or long to take advantage of the latest technology, you can find the perfect method for you and your little one.


1 | A Classic Photo Album or Scrapbook

Creating a classic photo album or scrapbook will be perfect if you like a hands-on, tangible approach!

This method can go a couple of different ways.

You could choose to purchase a traditional photo album with photo inserts and space to jot down notes about each photo. Or you could decide to go all-in on scrapbooking by buying an album and accessories, including scrapbooking pages, stickers, markers, and more!

But going classic doesn’t mean you have to be burdened with large, cumbersome photo books. Companies such as Artifact Uprising offer modern baby books that you can personalize with your photos and notes.

Whichever method you choose, going the classic route will require you to collect, curate, and print photos before creating your baby book. It’s perfect for creative, crafty parents who want to customize the keeping of their baby’s memories fully.


2 | A Digitally Created Photo Album/Scrapbook

Enjoy the idea of a traditional photo album or scrapbook, but don’t want to commit to printing photos or buying physical scrapbooking materials? A digital creation route might be the right choice for you.

Digital photo book creation, like those you can purchase from Shutterfly, allows you to upload photos to a site and then personalize your album. Like a physical scrapbook, these online tools let you add text, background colors, borders, and decorations. They also allow you to vary your photo presentation by choosing from various pre-built templates or creating your own!

Unlike a physical album or scrapbook, there’s no photo printing necessary. You’ll design everything online, and when you’re finished, the company will print it and ship it to you. It’s the perfect combination of personalization and convenience.


3 | Baby Book Apps for Your Phone

Maybe you want a physical photo album to treasure, and you love the idea of creating it digitally for ease, but you need a little creative guidance even while you’re personalizing.

If this sounds like you, you might want to take advantage of new baby book technology that uses something that’s always on you, even when you’re sleep deprived—your phone!

The Short Years is an innovative company that guides new parents through the process of creating a personalized baby book. After downloading the app, you’ll follow prompts that help you make your baby book in stages. This includes personalizing the look of your book.

Most importantly, the app will remind you to upload photos of your sweet baby and answer a few questions about the milestones and little moments you want to remember. Then, The Short Years will compile your moments into a tangible baby book.

If you want a physical photo book but know you’ll struggle with the creativity and effort, The Short Years has you covered.


4 | A Video Album Of Photos

You might want something a little different for your baby’s memories, like a digital album that incorporates photos and videos and can be shared with loved ones. This could be in place of or in addition to a physical photo book. 

If that’s the case, you might want to consider our video diary making service here at PixieDiary!

You’ll need to collect and curate the photos and videos you’d love to preserve to use our service. After that, our team of creatives will create a design that delights you and your family. You can add text to specific photos or add your favorite song as the background music. Tell us your preferences on our File Upload page and we’ll do all the leg-work!

If you’re looking for something completely different than the standard photo book, or just wanting something additional with videos for yourself or your family, our custom video diary service could be just the thing you’re looking for!


5 | A Written Journal of Memories

You’ve read several different options for keeping up with photos and small blurbs about your baby’s life, but what if you’re the writing type and want to keep track of your memories that way?

You might enjoy a journal baby book instead of or in addition to a photo album!

This journal from Kept is a fantastic way to document various memories, favorites, quotes, and more! Unlike the other methods we’ve shared, this journal is designed for you to use from the newborn stage until your child turns 18. In addition to classics, like a family tree, you’ll respond to prompts like “Adventures We Went On” and even ask your children questions about themself as they get older.

The prompts are varied but simple, with about ten pages per year of life. It’s designed to begin during your pregnancy or catch up on if your child is older. If you want a way to preserve more than just your photographic memories, keeping a dedicated journal might be perfect.

Regardless of your creativity levels, the amount of time you have, or your preferred method of keeping memories, there is a perfect way for you to document your baby’s new life. Take some time to consider the way that will be most sustainable and lifegiving for you and your growing family.

It will be worth it!

~ Christin Sanders

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