5 Easy Tips for Saving Money on Airplane Travel

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Dreaming of flying away this summer?

You’re not alone!

But however much you may be dreaming, the harsh reality is that ticket prices in the US are soaring, with US domestic flights 40% more expensive since the beginning of 2022.

Despite this, there are ways to make your summer vacation more affordable! Let’s dive in and look at five ways to save money on airplane travel this year.


1 | Book in advance

If you’re planning on jet-setting in July, the time to buy is now! Some experts suggest booking your air travel more than six weeks before your holiday.

Ideally, experts suggest booking your vacation one or two calendar seasons before you plan to travel. 

For example, the best time to score a deal on summer airfare is around Christmas. On the other hand, the best time to book flights for a winter getaway is during the summer.

Planning in advance is really your best bet for getting the biggest bang for your buck.


2 | Set up Google flight tracking

Now that you know to start looking months in advance, do yourself a favor and set up Google’s flight price tracker.

Using Google’s price tracking tool, you can input the number of tickets needed and dates and preferences like the number of stops and cabin class. Choosing flexible dates has the potential to save you even more money! Flight prices often vary depending on the month, week, and even day, so giving yourself a bit of wiggle room can result in significant savings.


 3 | Look for hidden fees

Sometimes, you find a deal that seems just too good to be true.

And it might be!

Discount airlines, like Frontier or Spirit, often charge fees for services that bigger airlines, like Delta or American, offer complimentary. These hidden fees might include checked or carry-on luggage or snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Even bigger airlines have some hidden fees! Some airlines now charge for services like picking your seat, accessing Wi-Fi, or even booking a flight on the phone or in person rather than online.

You’ll save yourself money simply by paying attention to the details of your ticket price and reading the fine print.


4 | Eat before you fly or take food through security

If you can manage it in your flight schedule, eating a meal before getting to the airport can save you some serious cash.

Airport restaurants typically charge 10-15% more than their counterparts outside the airport. That adds up!

Even if you don’t have time for a meal beforehand, you can still save money by taking your own food through security.

Some rules apply here. But solid foods, such as crackers, granola bars, nuts, and even fresh fruits and vegetables, are allowed through airport security in many countries. Non-solid foods, like puddings, are subject to liquid restrictions.

And while you’ll still pay for your coffee fix, taking an empty water bottle through security and filling it up in the terminal can help you afford it.


5 | Get creative with flight plans and vacation itineraries

Although flying within the US has gone up in price, flying around Europe is actually cheaper this year, and international flights haven’t changed significantly.

If you’re planning a trip from the US to Europe, consider purchasing one-way flights in and out of different cities in Europe. It’s sometimes cheaper to buy one-way flights, and buying flights between two European cities is significantly cheaper than doing the same within the US. Researching open-jaw flights when traveling internationally can also get you to visit more places without increasing the price.

Similarly, looking at flights with long layovers in cities of interest can help you see more without increasing your ticket price.

Increasing flight costs don’t have to hamper your fun this year! With some forward-thinking, diligence, and creativity, you can plan a vacation without breaking the bank on airline tickets.

Just give yourself the time to plan now so that you can kick back and relax when holiday time rolls around.


~ Christin Sanders 


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